Launched in 2010 by Prof. Eben Moglen, FreedomBox is a global project to empower regular people to reassert control over the infrastructure of the internet. FreedomBox empowers its users to avoid the data mining, censorship and surveillance by centralized silos that characterize the web of today. It makes web servers personal, affordable and manageable, so that a user can host necessary web services at home on a device they own, powered by free software they can trust.

FreedomBox is made up of two things: a free and open source software system and inexpensive hardware. The costs of computer processors and network bandwidth have both fallen to such low levels that hosting your own digital services is now affordable.

FreedomBox is a Debian Pure Blend, which means that it distributes its software through Debian repositories. By building FreedomBox directly within the Debian GNU/Linux ecosystem, we benefit from the contributions of the 1,000+ active Debian contributors, in addition to Debian's high standards for quality assurance and security. FreedomBox's major contribution to the Debian ecosystem is providing a user interface that simplifies and automates otherwise complicated administrative tasks associated with running a server, like installing applications and applying updates.

If you want to join the community of FreedomBox contributors or support the non-profit Foundation behind them – get in touch with us on our forum, mailing list, IRC channel, or GitLab instance.